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Decorpro Absolute Outdoor Torch

Absolute is a stately gas torch for the home and the garden. The beauty of this exquisite slender fr..


Decorpro Allusion Indoor/Outdoor Fireburner

Allusion is a functional, multi-purpose product, as well as an alluring, enticing Tabletop Fireburne..


Decorpro Ark Wall-Mounted Indoor/Outdoor Torch Fireburner

Ark is a slender vertical sconce made of solid steel and centred by a Chrome Cup containing a dazzli..


Decorpro Cell Atrium Indoor/Outdoor Torch Fireburner

Cell Atrium is a decorative tabletop accent piece constructed of solid steel and tempered glass and ..


Decorpro Cell Indoor/Outdoor Torch Fireburner

Cell is a modern and unique way to add life and light in any indoor and outdoor space throughout the..


Decorpro Cell Micro Indoor/Outdoor Torch Fireburner

Cell Micro is the smallest in the series of Cell tabletop fireburners. Its most distinct feature is ..


Decorpro Cell Micro Indoor/Outdoor Wall-Mounted Fire Burner

Cell Micro Wall Mounted is designed specifically to accommodate the Cell Micro Tabletop Fireburner f..


Decorpro Cyrus Outdoor Torch Fireburner In Bronze

Cyrus is the smallest in the custom series of Outdoor Torches.  Its height is designed for acce..


Decorpro Glacier Ice Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Torch

Glacier Ice Tabletop Torch is a smaller version of the Glacier Ice torch that can sit on any small c..


Decorpro Glacier Ice Outdoor Torch

Glacier Ice is the perfect combination of fire and ice in a solid steel design. Shards of ‘ice,’ pai..


Decorpro Harmony Indoor/Oudoor Tabletop Torch

The Harmony tabletop fireplace is designed as two pieces of curved solid steel perfection, one paint..


Decorpro Ice Outdoor Torch

Ice is a white knight in a slender, solid steel design. Shards of ‘ice’, painted in a white epoxy po..


Decorpro Kaskade Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Torch

Kaskade is a contemporary tabletop fireplace structure designed with the graceful elegance of a wate..


Decorpro Leaf Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Torch

The Leaf tabletop torch is patterned perfection, a showpiece, and an elegant, modern party centrepie..


Decorpro Lumin Wall-Mounted Torch Sconce

This wall-mounted torch sconce is is a delicate design in a strong structure of solid steel and epox..


Decorpro Mesa Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Torch

Mesa Indoor / Outdoor Tabletop Torch is a newcomer to the torch line. It’s geometric design allows f..


Decorpro Niall Outdoor Torch

Niall is a slender solid steel body containing a generous amount of open space to glowingly display ..


Decorpro Nuvo Indoor/Outdoor Wall-Mounted Torch

Nuvo is a single swirling piece of solid steel, finished in a gunmetal grey epoxy powder paint, and ..


Decorpro Olympus Outdoor Torch

Olympus is a freestanding beacon in a beautiful bronze body. The soft, sepia glow of a natural flame..


Decorpro Omega Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Torch

Omega is a ribbon-patterned dramatic centerpiece, formed by a single length of solid steel, and pain..


Decorpro Ovia Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Torch - White or Red

Ovia consists of a series of connected undulating oval ribbon-shaped rings that seem to flow upwards..


Decorpro Si Indoor/Outdoor Torch Fireburner

Si is an elliptical form of solid steel, creating an abstract oblong shape and encircling a Chrome C..


Decorpro Skyline Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Torch

Skyline Tabletop Torch is a compact rendition of the Skyline Torch. Place it on tables as a bold cen..


Decorpro Skyline Outdoor Torch

Skyline is a slender architecturally sound structure of contemporary brilliance and beauty. Nestled ..


Decorpro Taurus Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Torch

Taurus is, as its name suggests, an abstractly designed reference to the image of a bull’s horns. Ma..


Decorpro Twig Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Torch

Twig Tabletop Torch is a miniature edition of the popular Twig Torch. Its bronze body coupled with i..


Decorpro Twig Outdoor Torch

Decorpro Twig is a slender solid steel frame containing fiery flames that glow from within the bronz..


Decorpro Twig Sconce Wall-Mounted Torch

Twig Sconce is designed as an accompaniment to the slender elegant frame of the freestanding Twig T..


Decorpro Twilight Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Torch

Twilight (Persimmon) revisits the mood of spring, summer, and fall in its leaf-patterned design. A d..


Decorpro Volution Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Torch

Volution Tabletop Fireplace Torch is a compact version of the Volution outdoor torch that can even f..


Decorpro Volution Outdoor Torch Fireburner

Volution is an Outdoor Torch that will redefine your indoor and outdoor space with its unique spira..


Decorpro Zed Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Torch

Zed is a charmingly elegant centrepiece for the home and the garden. A dazzling vertical configurati..


Vibe Sconce Wall-Mounted Torch Sconce

Vibe Sconce is a Wall-Mounted Torch Sconce whose pristine perfection is highlighted by the random ge..